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  • Boobalicious

    Due to an accident, Wataru has lost his memory. Now he is in America with Rena and she has promised his parents that she would take care of him until he recovers. Well, she isnt the only one that wants to help him out! Two Boobalicious babes from Japan have followed Wataru to America and they too vowed to find a way to have his memory recovered. The method making sure he remembers how much of a boob-lover he once was by using their boobs as tools! […]

  • Akiba Girls

    Nikita Shindou loves the world of animation more then anything; he puts his life into it. He has never fallen for a real, living girl, until the day he meets Ren Aoi. What can he do to make her notice him, even fall in love with him? "I know, I will make her an akiba-girl!" Now the question is, how will he make her an Akiba-girl? Let the games begin! Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! This anime […]

  • Boobalicious 2

    The Big Tit Grandprix is just around the corner and the girls are pumped! The girls have decided that whoever wins the competition will win both the cash prize and Watarus heart. Which of these three girls will be the ultimate winner? Will any of them be a winner? Theres only one way to find out, watch the Big Tit Grandprix! (ManWataru, you sure are one lucky dog) Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! […]

  • Taboo Charming Mother 3

    Misako, the beautiful and bored housewife, continues her sexual adventures in this third volume of the explicit adult anime series. Her torrid affair with her stepson is getting increasingly wild, and she finds herself unable, and though she doesn't want to admit it, unwilling to make it stop. Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! […]

  • Sexorcist

    Moko is a masseuse who gives her male clients a special massage guaranteed to help them release stress. Of all the women in her profession, Moko is one of the most popular. Her secret is simple, it's just that she enjoys pleasing men so much that she loves the massages just as much as her clients do. Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! This clip from Sexorcist by Media Blasters features some hot […]

  • Stepsister: Episode 1

    Witness the craziest family reunion ever as Kyosuke meets his luscious stepsister, wholl do anything to keep him close. She and her sexy mother crave more than just comfort they are masochist who lust for a strong hand to whip them into shape! Kyosuke rises to the challenge, and the erotic encounter will leave both ladies (and you) gasping for more. Guess whos coming home for the holidays! Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! […]

  • Crimson Climax: Episode 1

    Lured to a forbidden island by a carnal cult, victims are brought to the throes of ecstasy, then brutally sacrificed in a bloody occult ritual! When sexy Ryo visits her late mother's island home, she's in for a terrifying surprise. Can she escape with her life....and her virtue intact? Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! This clip from Crimson Climax: Episode 1 by Anime 18 features a sweet little […]

  • Sibling Secret: Episode 1

    The Hungry Bear is a restaurant where carnal appetites are satisfied to order. The waitress, Mika has just uncovered the secret life of her late sister, a woman who would perform any sexual act, no matter how bizarre! But the secret's all in the sauce and Mika vows to service her clientele's insatiable appetite for the exotic. Tonight's special is a tasty treat that's sure to spice things up! Watch the Full Length, High Quality […]

  • Black Widow: Episode 1

    An erotic camping trip takes a turn for the wild! When Seiya discovers a mysterious mansion in the woods. Excitement turns to thrills and terror as her friends begins to disappear. Too late, they realize they are trapped in the clutches of the black widow. A deadly temptress who lures unsuspecting victims into a web of lust, intrigue, and murder! Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! […]

  • Chains Of Lust: Episode 1

    Blackmail, lust and unspeakable acts are performed in a secret room where two adult video store workers create their own erotic film with a cast if unwilling women. Soon the police start sniffing around the scene but not to stop the illicit movie magic...they want a piece of the action! Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! Categories: […]

  • Magic Woman M: Episode 1

    19-year old Meruru is a sexy sorceress lost in forest of unsavory characters. But these lustful beasts are in for surprise. When aroused, Meruru attains the state of ultimate ecstasy and unleashes and explosive power from within! Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! This clip from Magic Woman M: Episode 1 by Anime 18 features a teeny tiny little sex kitten running naked through the deep, dark […]

  • Midnight Strike Force: Episode 1

    Justice has never been so naked! A super-secret cult of lesbians performs erotic experiments on bodies from the local hospital! Their purpose: to revive the spirit of their ancient leader in a virile human form. Now its up to the Midnight Strike Force, a team of busty justice fighters, to go undercover and under the covers to stop the nefarious acolytes before they succeed in there diabolically dirty schemes! Watch the Full Length, […]

  • Maison Plaisir Episode 1

    The mistress of an erotic boarding house entertains her new tenant in exciting fashion. He must rise to the challenge left by her previous bondage master, and tame her insatiable lust for naughty games, domestic debauchery, and outrageous sex play! Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! Categories: Anime Scene […]

  • Demon Beast Invasion Episode 1

    100 million years ago, an ecological disaster drove the Demon Beasts from our world. Now they must breed with human females to create a new, hybrid creature who will clear the way for an invading horde. When 19-year-old Kayo is taken by a possessed lover, it's up to 19-year-old Interplanetary Mutual Observation Agent Muneto to save her from the terrifying creature to which she gives birth: A mutant, lust-driven Demon Beast! Watch the […]

  • Angel Blade Episode 1

    No criminal has ever withstood Angel Blade's incredible sexiness. But now the jiggling juggernaut of justice is targeted by a twisted criminal who wants her ultimate domination! Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! This clip from Angel Blade Episode 1 by Anime 18 features a poor defenseless little girl getting all her holes fucked with big nasty penis tentacles while a demon slut masturbates, […]

  • Urotsukidoji 2 Legend Of The Demon Womb

    Determined to enslave the world, the mad scientist, Dr. Munhihausen Jr., uses his late father's Nazi Death Machine to summon a monster with the power to slay the Overfiend. Munhihausen's search for the Overfiend's nemesis leads him to supernatural endowed 19-year-old Takeaki, who has been infused with his 19-year-old cousin Nagumo's blood after an accident. Now, Takeaki has begun to develop monstrous powers of his own... Is he destined to become the demonic King of Evil, and the only force […]

  • Night Shift Nurses Episode 1

    A new doctor has arrived to whip the hospital's nursing staff into shape. His lesson plan is strict, and he has no tolerance for failure, which is met with the harshest punishments imaginable. The Night Shift Nurses must learn their lessons well if they hope to please their new master...whenever and wherever he wants! Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! This clip from Night Shift Nurses Episode […]

  • Blood Royale Episode 1

    A perverted pirate plunders the seven seas, armed with a torment chamber and his depraved imagination! He seizes wenches and plunders booty without mercy. Nothing is off limits in this bizarre excursion into a world of erotic peril! Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie! This clip from Blood Royale Episode 1 by Anime 18 features our heroine bent over and spread open to take a huge hard dick in her […]

  • La Blue Girl Episode 1

    Miko Mido answers the call of the wild, to become a mistress of marital arts sexcraft! In these erotic episodes, Miko discovers that she is the last in a line of supernatural sex ninjas. Now, this delectable demon slayer is all that stands between humanity and the perverted hordes of the underworld. It won't be easy- these depraved demons are ready to turn a few tricks of their own. It'll be a whammin', slammin' battle as she trashes the monsters in carnal combat! […]

  • Variable Geo Neo

    Variable Geo: an all-girl fighting league where the winner walks away with an incredible fortune and the losers are stripped of their dignity for the amusement of the spectators. Yuu Asuka dreams of winning the money so she can save her brother's restaurant, but first, she must battle her way through the world's sexiest martial artists! The list of Yuu's buxom competitors includes her childhood friend Misumi, who isn't about to miss a chance to finally beat Yuu. Unfortunately, Misumi doesn't […]

  • Anyone You Can Do Episode 1

    Yusuke has a problem - the kind of problem any guy would love to have. You see, there's this girl named Reina, who wants him to be her "private tutor"... oh, and she just happens to have gigantic breasts. Huge, massive, watermelon-sized gazongas that taste sweet and are as soft as marshmallows. So, what could Yusuke's problem possibly be? Well, when he goes to Reina's house to give her "lessons," he has a run-in with Reina's mom. And boy, is her mom ever stacked. Those triple-F-cup beauties are […]

  • Private Sessions Episode 1

    Professor Saki was a normal woman - until her heart and mind were twisted by her sadistic boyfriend Mikami. Fired from his last teaching job for assaulting one of his students, he forces Saki into getting him a teaching position at her all-girl college. With beautiful buxom ladies everywhere, Mikami's dark desires quickly target his new female students for some very special private sessions - and this time he plans on making Saki help him. Will Saki's misguided love for Mikami drive her to help […]

  • Spotlight Episode 1

    Saori is cute, perky, and dreams of being a star! Along with the beautiful Yuna and the striking Erica, Saori is part of a new female pop group named Twinkle - and this hot little group is ready for their big debut! But this tantalizing trio is about to discover that the music industry is ruthless and demanding of its female artists! First, band manager Masaki decides to give Yuna and Erica a special session in pleasure and pain...Then, as lead singer, it's up to Saori to get the band past […]

  • Wicked Lessons Episode 1

    After Noelle's parents die suddenly in an accident, her older stepbrother Shuichi returns to take care of ways she could never have imagined. Then, without explaining why, Shuichi forces Noelle to transfer to the prestigious Takamine College. Each night as her step brother ravishes her body, Shuichi pumps Noelle for information about the women on campus. Women like the curvaceously timid Haruko, the sexually talented Shirone, and the beautiful blond-haired bombshell Elena... Women who […]

  • Punishment Episode 1

    Professor Kayama could have been happy with his job, except that all of the students on campus hate him, and he hates them. Miki Watase is a dark-haired vixen will do anything to raise her grades, but when Professor Kayama refuses play along, she's determined to have revenge. She gathers her friends - the luscious Hinata, the slutty Arisa, and the beautiful but timid Sachie - and they mix drug-laced alcohol with a snap-shot camera to publicly humiliate Kayama. However, these vivacious little […]

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